Our Actions

Upon arrival at CECYDAR, children enter a phase of rehabilitation of all aspects of the person:

  • physical:  they cease drug use, are treated, relearn hygiene, play sports;
  • psychological: they listened to recover gradually from trauma, regain confidence in themselves and others;
  • intellectual: they are re-enrolled, study, read, play;
  • social:  they are given new clothes and uniforms, they relearn respect for adults, children and other times, they take part in daily tasks;
  • spiritual:  children it is proposed to participate in the prayer life of the center (praise, mass, etc..) In respect of sensitivity and history of each as the center welcomes children of all faiths


OUR ACTIONS with children are defined as follows:


Action 1: 215 to 250 children are prepared for their reintegration into their socio-economic and educational issues

  • Activity 1: Identify relatives or host families 215-250 children per family is thesubject of a transaction tracing
  • Activity 2: Identify primary school or vocational training for 215 to 250 children
  • Activity 3: Prepare parents or host families for reunification
  • Activity 4: Develop a plan to improve the lives of parents (capacity building)

Action 2: 215 to 250 children are reintegrated into their socio-economic and educational issues. The plan to improve living conditions of the parents is implemented.

Action 3: 215 to 250 children in the family are stable and are monitored post-reunification in school and home.

Also perform monitoring and supporting the “old children” reintegrated during previous projects (school supplies, hygiene, and mutual Minerval)