Our Team

The team consists of 25 CECYDAR persons with a CDD for the duration of the project, supported by 3 volunteers (2 French, 1 Japanese).

Employees are divided into two divisions:

- The pole “Home and Rehabilitation” brings together four services (14 people):

  • The “Open Environment” is in charge of approaching children in the street.
  • The “psycho-social cell” consists of a psychologist and a social worker who coordinates all aspects of the physical and psychological rehabilitation of children and supervise the work of other services for all aspects relating to the rehabilitation.
  • The “Supervision” includes three days of educators, two educators and two night educators – teachers. These seven people spend all their time with the children and it 24h/24. More than just supervisors, they play with them a role of educators and contribute significantly to the work of rehabilitation.
  • The “Tracing and Reintegration” is liaising with families. After the interviews conducted in the days following the arrival of children CECYDAR, tracing agents take over: on the basis of information collected, they go in search of families. They make one or more visits to identify where the child may be reinserted. When conditions are right, they proceed to the reunification of children with their families.

- The pole “Support activities” brings together all the employees working in the everyday functioning CECYDAR (13 people):

  • Finance and Accounting Service
  • The logistics and inventory management
  • Service agriculture and finally support functions (security, food, etc.)