Our Values

Our values underpinning action CECYDAR:

  • Home: CECYDAR door is always open for children, whether new or old, they are warmly welcomed!
  • Freedom: The children are never forced or come or stay. They are the ones who choose. This free membership is a condition for successful rehabilitation of children.
  • Requirement: Have many children is also a way to love: participation in work, study, conflict resolution.
  • Affection: At the invitation of Don Bosco, the members of CECYDAR try to put into practice the adage that “it is not enough to love a child, he must still feel loved “. They apply to give a lot of affection for children, so visible afternoon game with the staff, gestures, words of affirmation, awards …
  • Hope: As stated Cyprien Rugamba, CECYDAR members are convinced that these children “who are nausea society can be proud.”