Who Are We?

Founded in 1992 by a couple of Rwanda unusual  Cyprien and Daphrose RUGAMBA the Centre Cyprian and Daphrose Rugamba (CECYDAR) welcomes for twenty years, children living in the streets of Kigali. Very disadvantaged backgrounds, these children have left home and joined the various sites of the city of Kigali where violence, drugs, drudgery and petty theft were their daily lives.
Once received at CECYDAR, children enter a process of physical rehabilitation, and psychological as well as a process of intellectual and spiritual rehabilitation. As soon as the situation permits, they are reunited with family and reintegrated into their socio-economic and educational.
The CECYDAR is convinced that the natural living environment of a child is always his family. By all means, it seeks to reintegrate the child as soon as possible in a family environment (nuclear family, extended family or foster family), accompanying the reunification measures economic empowerment of families. Subsequently, it monitors the short, medium and long term needs of children reunited to prevent and any return to the street.
The CECYDAR can accommodate up to 50 children at a time. The average stay for a child lasts 3 to 6 months.


Completion of previous projects with UNICEF and International FIDESCO

Thanks to UNICEF alongside FIDESCO International and some other donors, more than 1,300 children were welcomed CECYDAR, enjoying a high quality frame;
A methodology document has been prepared and will be submitted to the NCC (National Commission for Children), an offshoot of MIGEPROF (Rwandan Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion) dedicated to issues concerning the children:


These long years of experience in the field to provide CECYDAR real expertise in the rehabilitation of street children and make him a specialist in successful reintegration of these children into their families. It now has a proven methodology and effective, which has already helped many children return to their families and to find the way to school.